Saturday, 20 December 2014

Wardrobe weekly

Left it a bit late again, but here is what I've been wearing in the build-up to my Christmas holidays!

 Sparkle for December!
 I've had this dress for ages, I forgot how much I like it! These are new wide-fit boots from Primark btw.
 Close up of the lovely sparkly floral lace.
Dress 24 - Lovedrobe via Evans
Leggings 20 - Primark
Boots - Primark

 God I adore this dress! It's so comfy, and flattering, and Christmassy and lush.
 Sexy ruched wrap detail that hides a turkey filled bulging tummy rather well!
 I wore this on Christmas day last year and I still love it. I'm extremely tempted to get the blue version for new year.... because blue velvet!
 Red dress red lips.
 I went for dinner with my 'wife' which is why I dressed all pretty! I have to take sneaky pictures of her because she is very private and doesn't want to be all over the tinternet. I'm allowed to put her up in silhouette though!
 We went to Covent garden because look.... Christmas joy!
 We ate at Wahaca (oh my god the plantain tacos - oh my god. Also, If you like bloody Mary's, their bloody Maria is a MUST!) but checked out all the lovely lights first!
Dress 22 - Bonmarche
Leggings 20 - Very / South
Boots - New Look

 I adore this vintage dress. I got it last year on ebay and it's totally ace.
 It's stretch and super synthetic, so it's one to wear in the colder months.
 There are many things I love about this dress. For one thing it's some sort of odd party dress, but the high neck makes it a bit rock and roll!
 Also the v-shaped waist is awesome. Christmassy in shape!
The little squares are made from silver glitter!
 And last but not least it has a big old full skirt! I love this dress.
Dress 22 - Vintage via ebay
Leggings 20 & earrings - Primark
Boots - New Look

 It was well cold on Thursday and I knew I needed to wrap up & wear wellies because me and the boyf were meeting friends at the Winter wonderland after work.
 I got this coat last year but it never got cold enough for me to actually wear it!
 I just cannot tell you how much I love it. It's so well structured, and comfy and warm.
 Oh and the rain just sits on top of the faux fur until you rub it off so I was dry as a bone underneath despite the inevitable downpour when we were in Hyde Park!
 Christmas joy!
 Singing along to some funky classics.
 Ummmm so many trees!
 Spinning round on a carousel whilst drinking... why?!
 Watching the mad people on the big drop ride thing. We drank too much. Mulled wine is dangerous!
Coat 24 - Bonmarche
Top 24 - Asos Curve
Jeggings 22 - Dorothy Perkins
Hat & boots - Primark

 Please excuse the fact that I still had my t-shirt tucked in to my skirt (stops it riding up underneath my coat!) and how rough I am. So tired and slightly hungover. This was a very BLURGH day!
 I got Sam this Christmas pudding t-shirt and she looks freaking awesome in it!
 I went full-on fancy dress and decided to do a north pole outfit.
 I don't care if I looked insane (imagine this with the coat and hat from the day before!), it made me feel better about my banging head and nauseous stomach!).
T-shirt, leggings & skirt 20 - Primark
Socks - gift from Sammykins!
Boots - Asos

 The in-laws came to visit on Sunday, so I pulled out my new winter frock.
 This Queen of Holloway dress is so cute. This size 24 is actually quite tight on my bust so I think I'll let it out a bit with some fabric at the sides. It's great on my waist, but I always find high neck dresses like this to be super tight on the old boobies!
 I just couldn't resist this print, it's so cool!
Dress 24 - Queen of Holloway
Cardi 20 & tights XL - Primark
Boots - Simply Be

Friday, 19 December 2014


 I took a trip to primark to buy some little stocking fillers, and I came out £50 poorer! What I've realised is that most of my jumper nowadays are too short to wear with tight jeans. They're fine with skirts, but it's a bit nippy at the moment and I wanted some proper big warm jumpers that covered my belly. Primark has had tons of jumpers this season but whenever I've been in there recently everything has been pretty much cropped, so I was excited to find some proper winter jumpers this week! All three jumpers I bought are a size 20, but would EASILY fit bigger as they're designed to be generous.
 This first one is ACE! It's soft, thick and super comfy. £10 bargain! This came in a coral-like orange colour too, and I was sorely tempted to buy both, but you'll see later why I went for the blue!
 I love this even more after seeing these pictures, the knitted pattern is more obvious from far away!
 I'm wearing some new high-waisted jeans / trousers from Dorothy Perkins in size 22.
 I couldn't resist getting this excelent lime green jumper! It's pretty neon in real like - somewhere between lime and acid green! £14.
 This is a tighter knit than the blue one, and has a slightly rougher feel, which is to be expected with this style of jumper. It's still lovely and comfy (wore it all day yesterday!) and it's very very warm.
 This is a perfect jumper if it's cold inside, and it fits fine under my coats. Ace of base!
 This has a step hem, but it's not obvious so it doesn't bother me!
 These are my new coated jeans from Dorothy Perkins. A generous size 22, which is nice as I've never been able to get into a pair of coated jeans before!
 They kind of look like leather, but obviously are more comfy and less sweaty! These will be brilliant in the very cold and wet weather that will probably arrive in January, great in the snow too because the coating will keep them quite dry! The only downside is that when I walk the sound between my thighs make a sound like a steam train leaving the station! I decided that I didn't care because these were so surprisingly comfortable!
 So I had to have the neon orange version! (again, it's brighter in real life than the flash would suggest!).
 I decided to get this orange one rather than the orange version of my blue one because this style is a little smarter.
 Eating my cupcake decoration!
These are Topshop earrings designed by Central Saint Martins students, on sale for £8 here. I ordered the big dangly orange pair too (which are ace!) and the orange necklace to match. Very sadly the necklace arrived in shards so I have to return it. It was quite literally smashed to pieces! Terrible packaging - no padding or protection at all. It's miraculous that the earrings arrived in one piece!