Saturday, 22 November 2014


Let me tell you a story. At the tender age of 13 (back in the days when my parents were still buying my clothes) a Faith shoes outlet store opened near my home town. All the cool girls had shoes from Shelly's or Faith. Clarks was for losers and that's where my mum made me buy my shoes! By the time I was in comprehensive school I could pursued my folks to buy me cool shoes because they were cheap and cheerful. On one of our trips to the outlet village I found some black leather boots with thick rubber soles and low, chunky curved silver heels. I don't think I've ever loved footwear the way I loved those boots, but they betrayed me. The bottom of the heel kept falling off. Nothing could get them to stay on.... not pins, not superglue, nothing. So they were exchanged.  Then it happened again. Exchanged.  Happened again.  My dad was quite rightly sick of my boots by that point and they were returned for a refund and I never saw them again. I never got over it, I've thought about those boots on and off ever since! All I wanted in life was a pair of comfy leather boots with metallic heels!

20 years later....

I was having a browse on the Taking Shape website recently, when i saw something that made my heart skip a beat..... some boots with metallic heels. Not in itself an unusual product but when I expand on what they actually are you might understand my excitement; they're black leather ankle boots that are wide on the foot, large around the ankle and the metallic heel was an entirely sensible height in a Cuban block shape. Proper plus size boots in other words!

I had to have them

They're not cheap at £99, but neither am I when it comes to something that excites me this much. I waited for a discount code and ordered them in a size 7, keeping my fingers crossed that their sizing was accurate.....

Oh wow these are lovely boots. Perfect sizing, soft and supple leather, totally comfortable heel height and extremely well padded on the inside. I think these are going to become my favorite boots in no time!

It's hard to photograph the heel. It's like a pewter colour and it's very shiny and reflective, but not so bright that they're too flashy. Love love love!

They have a good rubbery sole with decent grips. I'm glad of this because as much as I love my Asos black shoes boots, they're a bit dodgy in the rain! Hopefully these will keep me upright!

The boots themselves are really lovely and curvy. They have a sculptural feel about them and do up with a flap that wraps across the foot. It adheres with a posh version of velcro! the back of the boot has an elasticated section for extra comfort and to allow for a larger ankle. 

These are the perfect smart boots for girls like me with wide feet and big ankles. They would fit bigger ankles than mine easily even when completely done up, but the wrap front means you could just wear them looser if you have very big ankles. These are such quality boots, totally worth the price tag and I thoroughly recommend them. Using the website was easy, the delivery was quick and efficient and everything was very well packaged. I've bought from the Taking Shape Kingston store, and the company have very kindly sent me items to review in the past, but this was the first time I have ordered from them online. I'm so impressed with the service!

I'll have to keep a closer eye on the Taking Shape footwear section from now on!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Holy Grail of Lipstick

In the process of searching for bright coral lipstick (to replace the Neon Red Star gazer one I have that hurts I find uncomfortable to wear!) I have bought loads of bright lippies. I thought I'd show you my new bits and bob!
 I bought a bunch of Maybelline colour sensation lipsticks to try, as I had read on beauty blogs that they have a good colour pigmentation. They're not wrong! Vibrant Mandarin is a great coral colour on me - finally a coral that doesn't look pale and odd, and actually, I really needed one that wasn't matte, because I look odd in light coloured matte lipsticks!
 Shocking coral is not coral on me at all, it's bright pink. a good pink though!
 This 'neon red' lipstick is not neon. It's red, but not neon by ANY stretch of the imagination! it's not even a bright red compared to many of my red lippies! A bit pants really.
Ahhh thats better. Vivid Rose is a lovely magenta colour. The pigmentation on this one is really strong. All of the Sensational vivid lipsticks are long lasting - like a sticky stain - but be careful not to smudge them... they don't just stain lips!
Oh and here it is! The best ever lipstick that I have been searching for for MONTHS! Barry M 158 (coral blush) is friggin' perfect!
 It's hard to photograph because the stargazer is really neon and so looks MEGA bright under the flash, where as the Barry M looks brighter in daylight, but hopefully you can see the shade / tone is similar?! Thank goodness for the Barry M lippy, because Stargazer lipsticks are fabulous colours, but the texture leaves a lot to be desired, and I couldn't wear one for a whole day!
 It matches the nail polish colour that I adore. FINALLY have a matching set to wear together!
Here it is in real life - a fabulous bright coral colour!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Wardrobe weekly

Quite a brief wardrobe weekly as I was only in work for 4 days and I totally forgot to take pics when I was out on Saturday!

 You seen this dress in my previous post so I don't need to bang on about it here do I?
 I will just say though, I realised when I looked at the cardboard tag, that it is actually a XXL, which explains why I thought it was generous! I think this would fit a 26 'cause I think it supposed to be a 26! Sorry about that, I requested the smaller size, but I guess there was confusion because of the lack of UK sizes on the labelling!
 Dress xxl - Junarose via House of Fraser
Leggings 20 - South / Very
Shoes - Primark

 Yey Vintage dresses!
 I love this one. It's so comfy and soft!
 This is the dress I was wearing a while back that I described as my 'tropical fish' dress....
 I then got re-tweeted by someone who sells tropical fish. Famous Cass.
 Dress size ? -Vintage
Boots - Yours... widest they do!

 I always forget about this cute Swan Skirt from Evans. It's actually very wearable.
 I didn't think I'd really wear the skirt without the the matching top, but I really liked this simple outfit in the end, so I guess I will!
I was enjoying my halo while taking these pics!
 T-Shirt 20 - Primark
Skirt 22 - Clements Ribeiro Swan / Evans
Leggings XL - H&M
Boots - Asos

 I love my new evans coat. It was a sensible purchase and I've been wearing it all the time!
 So then, underneath I had a pair of trousers that STILL seem to baffle people. I always get stared at, despite the fact I live work in central London!
 Even some of my collegues seem to constantly feel the need to tell me that I'm wearing neon trousers. Even though I've worn them to work loads. It's so odd, it's like some people are still baffles by colour!
 Of course other people just told me they love them, and I still love them. Well comfy!
Cardi 20 - Primark
Top 22 - Barbara Hulanicki for George
Trousers US20 - Forever 21+
Boots - Asos
Earrings - H&M

Friday, 14 November 2014

House of Fraser does plus

There are many things in life that I do not know, but when it comes to plus size clothing I pride myself of knowing where I can buy my size. It turns out that I don't even know that much about where to shop, because it was news to me that House of Fraser sells plus sizes! When I had an email asking if I would like to review something I was amazed at what I found on the website. Here are a few of the brands on the site.....

Anna Scholz 
AX Paris Curve 
Charnos Chesca 
Dickins & Jones 
Grace UK
Juna Rose
Label Lab
Lauren Woman
Lipstick Boutique
Little Mistress 
Live Unlimited
Marina Rinaldi 
Scarlett & Jo 
Sportmax Code 
Taking Shape 

That's not a bad collection huh? I'm excited to find somewhere that sells Marina Rinaldi, but let's be honest, I'm more of a bargain hunter myself so it's the lower end of the price scale that I'm interested in! I chose a dress (surprise surprise!) by Junarose to review because I'd been eyeing it up on another site but it sold out in all the bigger sizes, so I was very excited to see it on House of Fraser!
It has to be said that I don't wear all black very often any more. I guess I felt like it had become the fat girl uniform so I shy away from it in favour of bright colours (I have my eye on a very bright dress from the HOF site as we speak!) but I know that a black dress is a handy thing to have in my wardrobe, and I do so love an unusual print!
I also love metallics! I fell in love with this silver paint splatter print!
It's such an unusual detail, and turns a straightforward black frock into something special.....
.... the print is asymmetric too, which is even cooler!
In terms of sizing, I requested the 22/24 (XL) and it's pretty generous. Online the dress is described as 'bodycon' but judging by the fabric - a flowing and heavy thick jersey with a bit of stretch - I think it's supposed to be loose. It meant that it was great for work!
 It falls really nicely and isn't too clingy. As i was on my feet lots when I wore it I paired it with some silver brogues for comfort, but I think it would be a great dress to wear out on the town too.... with silver heels, an up do and some smokey eyes!
 I have to say I'm pretty chuffed that I can add House of Fraser to my list of plus size shops, but more than anything I'm excited because THEY HAVE PLUS SIZES IN STORE! That means I can go to the high street and try things on in real life! I hope their in-store collection is as good as their online offerings, and if it's currently not, then maybe buying online from them would make them want to give plus size clothing some good floor space.... something us fat girls are in desperate need of!
I'm giving a big thumbs up to both House of Fraser and Junarose. They've made it into my shopping bookmarks! Check out their plus collection here, and specifically this dress here... it's on sale for £24 - bargain!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Wardrobe Fortnight

A bit of classic Bet Lynch leopard print number to start the week!
 I curled my hair a bit and thought I'd take  picture before it all went a bit limp!
 I managed to find a day that wasn't to rainy to wear my old suede shoes. I hate going to work in the morning in the rain, I hope the crisp winter days arrive soon and leave the gloomy grey rain behind!
 Dress 22 - E1 from Simply Be
Leggings 20 - Very / South
Shoes - New Look

 Casual Tuesday! I wanted to wear the vintage tweed jacket i picked up in my local charity shop recently. I like the masculine feel of it, but I have to admit that it looks better with my hair up!
 Jacket size? - Vintage
My little pony jumper 20 - Primark
Jeggings 22 (tall) - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Asos

More Vintage!
 I did my hair in plaits then pinned them behind my head for a lady-like look!
 My colleague took these pictures, which is why I have so many silly pictures....
 Great skirt......
 Getting silly......
 Still silly.......
 Crisp me, blurred background?! SKILLS Sam!

Dress Size? - Vintage
Leggings 20 - Primark
Boots - Asos

 I totally forgot to take a picture of my outfit at the Anna Scholz sample sale, but Basically I was head to toe in Asos Curve!

 Fangs - Scarecrow (best fangs you can get, they look pretty real!)
Jumpsuit 24 - Boohoo
Flips - Crocs
 I was home on Friday to take delivery of this - the greatest bed in the world. Drawers at the back, ottoman at the front and a proper massive mattress. Silentnight for the win! This came from Carpet Right and it's the first time in history that the purchase & delivery of a bed has gone smoothly. I recommend them!

 So frigging dark that you can see the trousers, but just a super comfy outfit for a lazy day!
 Top 22 - Barbara Hulanicki for George
Trousers 20 - Swan / Evans

 I had a bit of a low key work event to go to on Monday night so i wanted to look smart.
 I wore my brand new Anna Scholz double silk dress. It's goddamn delicious!
 These are the boots I got last year from Yours clothing. Their XXL size knee highs are a great fit but they have zero padding so I will put insoles in before wearing them again.... MEGA sore feet by the time I got home!
 Dress 22 - Anna Scholz White Label
Leggings 22 - Very / South
Boots - Yours clothing

 So it seems like Tuesday is my casual day?!
 To be fair, my feet were so achey after wearing those boots yesterday that I wanted to wear my most padded footwear, so I had to dress to match my hi-tops!
 Again, it's hard to see because of the lame lighting, but the jeggings are the new look high-waisted acid wash ones. they ride down a little bit, but they're generally comfy!
 Jumper 20 - Primark
Jeggings 24 - New Look
Hi-tops - Nike

 I had totally forgotten about this skirt.... I decided to wear the jumper and then wasn't sure about which skirt. Went to the wardrobe and was like LEATHER!
Jumper 20 - Primark
Skirt 26 - Asos Curve
Legings 20 - Primark
Boots - Asos
 I was at the V&A on Wednesday morning to see the Horst Exhibition
 I really enjoyed it, definitely worth a look. The huge collection of vintage Vogue magazines are very cool!
I want this dress please!
 It has become a tradition for me to buy some cheap jewellery from the V&A shop every time I visit. They always have cool stuff for under a fiver. I couldn't resist the cutlery earrings (this other one is a spoon!
 In other (important) news, Marks and Spencers have outdone themselves with this years Christmas sandwich selection!

 I still love this shirt, it's so frigging awesome!
 Brilliant Asos Curve Jeans. SO glad I bought these!
 Comfy casual!
 I thought I'd actually include my coat in this too, because I don't wear it very often - just because the sleeves aren't full length and there's no collar so I can't wear it when it gets properly cold, but it's quite thick so I can't wear it in the warm weather! Love it though, it's beautiful!
 Shirt 24 - George
Jeans 22 - Asos Curve
Shoes - Asos
Coat 20 - Anna Scholz
Bag - Dorothy Perkins
 I accidentally bought another Christmas t-shirt from Primark. whoops!

 Granny chic!
 Pretty vintage dress for a mild Friday.
 This is an old favorite that I got in my hometown.
 Dress size? - Vintage
Leggings XL - H&M
Shoes - Charity shop

 On Saturday I did something that I very rarely do - I went to a blogger event! TK Maxx are working on their plus size offering (I bet some of you didn't even know TK Maxx sold plus size did you?!) and wanted to discuss our wants and needs as plus size customers. It was so nice, and I think we put forward a compelling argument as to why they should put plus size into more (hopefully ALL) of thier stores! Here are the lovely Caroline and Leah!
 Georgina.... drool-worthy hair huh?!
 I wish I could remember what Naomi was gesturing about... it was a funny afternoon! You can also see the lovely Hollie and Georgina!
 The always fabulous Mrs Bebe took my outfit pics for me, which is why I'm pissing about again!
 We had such a lovely afternoon, and It has to be said... we pretty much all had the same opinions about what we want to be able to buy on the high street!
 The ladies from TK Maxx were genuine and lovely. Sometimes you can tell when people are really working hard to make their customers happy, and I really look forward to being able to shop in TK Maxx again.... something I haven't been able to do since I was in my early 20's (before they removed the plus lines from loads of the stores!).
 Dress 24 - Anna Scholz Black Label
 Necklace - Black Heart Creatives (bespoke!)
Boots - Simply Be
 3 bloggers and a big mirror. It was bound to happen!
 I went home to my love, full of afternoon tea treats....
 .... and changed into boohoo joggers and a Primark jumper almost immediately! Lush day.